Jon Gruebele Regional Vice Chair Local Group Newsletter Articles from 2021

January 2021 – 2021’s Got to be Better, Right? – And Some Election Info
Obviously 2020 wasn’t the best year for many of us. American Mensa had to cancel our Annual Gathering (AG) and in-person Regional Gatherings (RGs). Fortunately, many groups stepped up with Zoom events and online RGs. The CultureQuest® trivia contest went virtual. Several online Leadership Development Workshops were offered, and recordings are available on the national website. Interestingly, all these virtual offerings have allowed some members to participate who have never before attended events. Hopefully we’ll continue to have online offerings once things return to some semblance of “normal”.

The 2021 World Gathering (WG), August 24-29 in Houston, is open for registration. It will celebrate Mensa’s 75th Anniversary. Our Gala Dinner speaker will be LeVar Burton and is expected to sell out. The WG will be preceded by the Mensa Foundation’s Colloquium on Food Science. We’d love to see you there.

Election Season is Upon Us

American Mensa holds elections for our entire Board of Directors (AMC) every two years. Members vote for five nationally elected officers (Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) plus the Vice Chair for your Region. We also vote on any qualified referenda.

Those running for office would appreciate you electronically signing their petition so they can qualify for the ballot. National officer candidates need 250 signatures; Regional Vice Chair candidates need 100. That’s not as easy as it might sound, particularly when COVID restrictions limit the ability to collect signatures in person. If candidates don’t have enough signatures by January 31st, they won’t appear on the ballot. Links to sign petitions can be found here:

The window for submitting referenda closed on November 15th. We will only have one question to consider: whether to change our elections from every two years to every three years. If passed, we would then match Mensa International’s election schedule. Including International, we’d have two elections every six years rather than four under the current bylaws.

The proposal is a little confusing since it only changes the election of national officers, not the Regional Chairs. Fortunately, there’s already language elsewhere in the bylaws that says Regional Chairs shall be elected on the same schedule as national officers.

Members have until January 8th to submit pro/con statements to be published with the election materials. My February 2020 newsletter article detailed some of the arguments I’d heard. If you feel strongly one way or another, you can submit your thoughts via e-mail to  The election will be held between April 15 and May 15th, with results available shortly thereafter. To participate in our election, you must have renewed your membership before April 1st. Mensa International will also be holding elections, and members will receive a separate ballot for that.

Feedback? Please contact me at or via phone/text at +1 309 693 1359. Region 4’s  Facebook group is: