Jon Gruebele's RVC4 Campaign Statement

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance. As RVC4, I have consistently worked to improve transparency, promote fiscal restraint, foster strategic thinking, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

My newsletters focus on national issues affecting members. I’ve voted to pass responsible budgets and moved to cap overhead expenses. I chaired the committee that defined our new strategy. I made a difficult decision to recuse myself due to a conflict of interest.

Excluding my own Local Group, as RVC I’ve visited every other Region 4 Group an average of ten times. I’ve learned from that direct member contact – and acted on it.

I’ve marketed Mensa by working booths at conventions and the Minnesota State Fair. I’ve marched with Chicago’s Rainbow SIG, putting our name in front of millions of Pride Parade onlookers.

Mensa still has significant challenges. Membership continues to decline. Many members say they don’t get enough value for their dues. Lapse rates among young adults are too high. We have a substantial net asset deficit. These challenges predate COVID and will be with us when it’s over.

Please support me as the candidate who will tackle these issues using a creative, member-driven, businesslike, and strategic approach.

For more information about my thoughts on various Mensa issues, please click here: